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The best way to maintain the look and life of your cricket bat.

Fantail Bat Wax is basically linseed oil in a solid-state, which both seals and nourishes your cricket bat in a mess-free and straightforward application.

Fantail Bat Wax acts like a traditional Linseed oil by nourishing the willow, and the beeswax offers a protective coat by sealing the grain to avoid excess moisture. This product also gives the bat a shine that just linseed oil can't achieve on its own. As a result, it improves not only the look but also the life span of your bat. It is recommended for use on all the exposed timber of your bat & is an excellent option if you're not a fan of facings.

  • Comes in an 80ml Aluminium tin. 
  • Contains raw linseed oil and beeswax
  • Made in New Zealand

PACKAGING: Recyclable Aluminium Tin 

Make sure the bat is clean of dirt & dust. Then, using your finger, apply a small amount of wax to your bat's back, edges and face avoiding the stickers & facing. Leave the bat for 30 minutes and then buff with a clean cloth. Approximately one teaspoon of wax should cover the bat. 


Q. For a new bat, would I still use Raw Linseed Oil to oil the bat first before knocking in, or can the Bat Wax replace the Linseed Oil?

A. We recommend you use raw linseed oil for the initial knocking in stages and apply a coat of bat wax to all the exposed timber once the knocking in process is complete.

Q. How long would you say a tin of bat wax would last?

A. You would get between 15-20 coats out of a tin so it would last a few seasons

Q. Would you recommend sanding down the bat before applying the Bat Wax to finish it off?

A. Yes, we'd recommend giving the bat a light sand to remove any dirt. Use fine-grit sandpaper of 180-240 grit.

Q. Can I use bat wax under stickers, facings or tape?

A. No, these items will not adhere correctly over the wax. The wax is designed to be applied to exposed timber only.

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