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Traditional Raw Linseed oil for the preparation and maintenance of your cricket bat

  • 50ml Aluminium bottle of Fantail Raw Linseed Oil

PACKAGING: Recyclable Aluminium bottle

If the bat is new, it may have been polished, to remove the polish give the playing surface a light sand with a fine-grit sandpaper. Ensure the bat is clean of dirt & dust, then apply half a teaspoon of oil to the bat's face. Use your fingers to spread the oil across the face creating a thin, even layer. Lay the bat flat overnight to dry.

After two coats, your bat will be ready for knocking in. Apply oil to the face occasionally during the season.

PLEASE NOTE: Cloth soaked in Linseed Oil is dangerous if left in a pile as spontaneous combustion may occur. That means that a chemical reaction creates heat and the rags can begin to smoulder and burst into flame. All oil-soaked cloth should be washed immediately or disposed of in a container of water and detergent. For temporary storage, dampen the cloth and hang flat, not crumpled in a wad. This is why we recommend using your fingers to spread the oil not cloth.

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