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Fantail exists to produce the tools to help you unlock your potential and take your game to the next level.
We’re a business that strives to create high-quality cricket products from premium materials
We love what we do
A place designed to celebrate our customers & hear their stories to create a product that to suit their game




Our products are made using both traditional and modern manufacturing techniques. We use a collection of vintage tools collected over time including planes, draw knives, spokeshaves, heel shaves and many more. We also use an array of new equipment including different types of saws and state of the art sanding, polishing and knocking in machines to get the best finish possible




To ensure overall quality the majority of the making of a Fantail bat is all done using hand tools. With the rest still done by using power tools and various other machinery to perfect every detail. We take pride in everything that we make. We source goods locally, via our loyal international suppliers and like-minded businesses.




In 2015 Fantail Cricket was founded by Blake Shattock to express a passion for creating cricket bats and stylish products. Why Fantail? Our first workshop was a small shed in St Heliers, Auckland there was always native birds flying around and the Fantail was one of them. The Fantail is a native bird to New Zealand but they can also be found around the world and with its friendly behaviour we thought it was an easy choice to represent our brand. It was important for us to design a website that customers could not only purchase custom made bats online with ease. We really wanted to give people an insight into the process of making a Fantail cricket bat.